Thank You, Old Friend

Time to say good-bye to an old friend. I've had this palette knife for a very long time... at least 15 years, probably closer to 20. This knife has spread paint, texture mediums, clays, and probably some cake frosting at one time or another. I know. I know. 

I sensed it was getting a bit brittle in it's old age. Last week, the tip broked off, and I kept using it to smear clay. Last night, the whole blade broke off. I was a little heartbroken. It was perfect, know what I mean? Not too stiff. Not too pliable. It knew that sweet spot for getting the textures just right. It could handle my rough and messy style, but had a light enough touch to add a reflection in an angel's eye. 

I ordered a whole new set today. I imagine I will choose a favorite and never touch the others. But, will it be an extension of my hand? Will it last through two decades? I hope so. All the same, I think rather than "good-bye", I shall retire this palette knife to the world of being art itself after all of its years of helping to make it.  "Thank you", old friend. 


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